“Make It Yours” Custom Case Furnishings from Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard Furniture is available in Knoxville exclusively at Knoxville Wholesale Furniture. Vanguard Furniture is a fashion-driven company with the goal of being the home furnishings leader in style, value and service while ultimately enriching lives through custom-crafted furniture. Vanguard Furniture is the industry leader in fashion and continues to make good on its name with a vision to ultimately enrich lives through custom-crafted furniture from one velvet chair to endless possibilities. Vanguard's new "Make It Yours" program allows buyers to customize case furnishings, to design "your" vision. Choose a case, choose a base, choose the legs and finish, choose the face, then choose the hardware. Complete your custom creation by selecting configurations, drawer arrangements, paint and finishes. Never has it been easier to create a high-quality, completely custom piece so quickly and easily. Visit Knoxville Wholesale Furniture today to create your custom Vanguard Furniture piece, designed by you, for a special place in your home.

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