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Interior Design Knoxville Wholesale Furniture

Knoxville Wholesale Furniture wants to help you define your own style, then extend that style across your entire home. We want you to experience the talent in our design section and see how our lines of superior furniture can help complete your style. Our interior design Knoxville professionals Teresa Cicuzza and Stanley Bragg provide complete design services for your home, from picking out furniture to arranging it in your home.

Oftentimes, when you see a design in a magazine or online, the hard question is how to achieve that particular look. It takes knowing what tools to use, what pieces to assemble and how to put them together. Interior design Knoxville professionals Teresa Cicuzza and Stanley Bragg are experts in taking ideas and magazine clippings from their customers and turning those bits and pieces of imagination into a reality that leaves the showroom floor and enters the home.

So if you’re watching a show like Fixer Upper, you can bring ideas you get from the show into our store, talk to our designers about them and even find some pieces from Joanna Gaines’ Mangolia Home collection to fit your style. Our interior deign Knoxville team can make your dream home come to life, making the space in your home, all of it, feel like it’s yours.

Our designers are available to any of our customers, whether you’re designing an entire 12,000 square foot luxury home or putting together a comfortable family room on a budget. The size of the space doesn’t matter as much as making you feel at home in every square foot of what you are entrusting us with.

We are eager to discuss the particulars of design for the contemporary homeowner who wants to create an exciting and beautiful, but comfortable home. Our designers start with questions about the size of the space you’re working with, how you intend to use it, what colors you like and what , if any heirloom pieces you might already have and want to work into the design.

In choosing furniture, first we’ll find what’s comfortable to you. Then we will build your style. It’s a puzzle our designers are particularly adept at figuring out.

Interior Design Knoxville Teresa Cicuzza
Teresa Cicuzza, Interior Design Knoxville Wholesale Furniture

Interior Design Knoxville Stanley Bragg
Stanley Bragg, Interior Design Knoxville Wholesale Furniture