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Introducing the new Huntington House Plush Collection, a large-scale super-soft seating solution designed to take family room time to a whole new level. This furniture collection is made up of 60 different pieces, to accommodate rooms of all sizes and shapes. Whether you need a sofa, chair, sectional, loveseat or ottoman, the Huntington House Plush Collection has you covered.

Plush pieces come standard with the sink-in luxury of our ultra down cushion for a soft and supported seating experience. Plush offers 3 different style options, all with softy, cushy arms and low, sleek profiles.

Plush Chill offers a casual sock arm for a relaxed and inviting feel.

Plush Mod has a simple clean track arm for a fashion-forward modern look.

Plush Pure boasts a beautiful sloped arm, with a half-moon crescent shape, and sweeping curves angling up to the back – giving it a sophisticated upscale vibe.

And to make Plush even more plush, “luxe it” and we’ll order it in an even larger depth. The Huntington House Plush collection pieces are made to order, in fabric or leather, and crafted by hand in the North Carolina foothills, using time tested manufacturing techniques and top-quality components. Experience the Huntington House Plush collection for yourself today, exclusively in Knoxville at Knoxville Wholesale Furniture.

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