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Meet Our Interior Design Team
May 28, 2017

Knoxville Wholesale Furniture has a professional team of interior designers that can help you choose from hundreds of different pieces and fabric styles to make your house look and feel like the home you’ve always wanted.

Knoxville Wholesale Furniture interior designers
Interior designers Teresa Cicuzza & Stan Bragg

Our interior designers Teresa Cicuzza and Stan Bragg offer full-service professional interior design for your home. Interior design service is available for all homes, of all shapes and sizes.

Our interior designers work closely with you to determine your style, which colors you prefer, how you use your home and what’s important to you. They’ll fall into your character to solve the puzzle of design from your perspective. They act as interpreters, providing design recommendations and plans designed specifically for your interests and based on working closely with you in the store and examining your home, blueprints and more.

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