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Magnolia Home Coming To KWF
February 5, 2016

Joanna says, “Home is the most important place. My passion is to help people create beautiful and meaningful spaces in their home.” And we hope you will find inspiring ideas for your home here on these pages and at Knoxville Wholesale Furniture in May of 2016.

This beautiful line was designed exclusively by Joanna to convey her fresh, unique design style that embodies her lifestyle of home and family. Joanna says, “This isn’t about designing furniture, this is about creating timeless pieces that help tell your home story.”

There are pieces for every room in your home, from kitchen islands and bath storage pieces. Each piece falls onto a specific genre; Boho, Farm, French Inspired and French Youth, Industrial, Primitive and Traditional.

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  1. When will you be posting pictures of their furniture?

  2. wow im so looking forward to their coming

  3. I am so excited that their line will be made available here. Will Chip & Joanna be making an appearance at the launch of their line?

  4. Looking forward to Joanna’s style of things

  5. We are looking forward to launch of their line here in Knoxville. We look forward to visiting KWF and becoming lifelong customers.
    Will Chip and JoAnna be making an appearance in Knoxville for the launch?

  6. Great they are my favorites on hgtv looking forward to her designs and shopping with you.